Pink! Why pink?
Pink! Why pink?

Pink! Why pink?

In fact, the pink colour it is eternally associated with women, since they are just little girls, in fact, even before birth, they have already pink colour on their closes.

But why?

By tenderness?

Yes, the association of tenderness with rose is very strong. It has a certain air of delicacy, of angelic.

Because is cute?

Yes, the pink colour is like that, something that feels like touching. But touch and feel very lightly.

Because is pretty?

Yes absolutely yes. That’s beautiful! Yes, one of the greatest symbols of femininity is the pink colour. We may have several shades of pink, light rose transpires beauty and tenderness, hotpink gives presence and personality.


And if to the pink we join flowers …., ah the flowers. There is a whole new world of charms that falls on us, who exalts and tribute women as very few things. So is this robe, full of tenderness, full of charm and so, but so sweetly. In a woman, who by nature is beautiful, the shadows and differences of opacities endow this robe with a unique sensuality.

Yes, it’s a Sweetly Pretty



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